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Descargar Wives & Sweethearts – Lilian Harry PDF EPUB MOBI

Wives & Sweethearts - Lilian Harry

Lilian Harry - Wives & Sweethearts portada

Wives & Sweethearts

Lilian Harry

Género: Ficción y literatura

Price: 4,49 €

Fecha de publicación: 19/08/2010

Editorial: Orion

Vendedor: Hachette UK

A novel of love, separation, infidelity and indecision set in the 1950s and 1960s Clare and Kathy are young, inexperienced and very much in love with their men. But being 'married to the Navy' is harder than either of them imagined. With a husband at sea and a new baby to consider, Clare finds herself coping with motherhood alone, and when Martyn returns he is unsure how to deal with his wife's new-found independence. As for Kathy, newly engaged to Brian, temptations come her way which are impossible to ignore. Even when all their lives seem to be settling into some sort of routine, it seems that their troubles are only just beginning…

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