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White Dog - Peter Temple

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Peter Temple - White Dog portada

White Dog

Peter Temple

Género: Misterio y suspense

Price: 4,99 €

Fecha de publicación: 27/10/2011

Editorial: Quercus

Vendedor: Hachette UK

Mickey Franklin was shot dead in his shower on a Saturday evening. Before long, his girlfriend – Sarah Longmore – was in custody. She had a gun and a key, and a witness placed her at the scene. Plus, she'd recently discovered that Mickey was screwing her sister: hardly a locked-room mystery, then, on the face of things. 'Andrew says you're a lawyer who does other things… Finds people, witnesses, things like that' Truth be told, Jack Irish hasn't found much of late. Unless you count the joys of Schubert and home cooking as discoveries, that is. So, when he is asked to take a look into Sarah Longmore's defence, he's more than happy to oblige. After all, it shouldn't take much time and effort: if she seems that guilty, the chances are that she probably is. However, Sarah's case will prove to be far from straightforward, and Jack's investigation far from quick and painless. The fourth book in the Jack Irish series, White Dog has all the elements – wit, supple prose, gripping action and laconic dialogue – that have made Peter Temple one of the world's premier crime writers.

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