Undercover Intrigue Series ~ Boxed Set ~ Books 1-5 – Tess St. John PDF EPUB MOBI Descargar

Descargar Undercover Intrigue Series ~ Boxed Set ~ Books 1-5 – Tess St. John PDF EPUB MOBI

Undercover Intrigue Series ~ Boxed Set ~ Books 1-5 - Tess St. John

Tess St. John - Undercover Intrigue Series ~ Boxed Set ~ Books 1-5 portada

Undercover Intrigue Series ~ Boxed Set ~ Books 1-5

Tess St. John

Género: Suspense

Price: 0,99 €

Fecha de publicación: 29/06/2016

Editorial: Tess St. John

Vendedor: Smashwords

FBI agents who risk their lives for the job and everything for LOVE. DON’T LET IT SHOW ~ Book 1 Attorney Gail Martin's life can't get any worse. Her client has been convicted, her law license suspended, and her inbox inundated with a strange riddle. But things start looking up when a handsome cop saves her from the press. Undercover FBI agent Sam Newton is in Houston to catch drug dealing cops while pretending to be one. His identity must be kept top secret, but his attraction to Gail can't be concealed or ignored. As their love deepens, Gail confides she doesn’t believe the man in jail for her mother's murder is guilty. She and Sam investigate her mother's case, hitting nothing but dead ends. When tragedy strikes, Gail is left with only the email riddle, which leads her on a deadly quest for the truth about her mother’s life and death—if she can stay alive long enough to solve it. EYES OF JADE ~ Book 2 America’s Sweetheart since the age of six, Eve Knight has decided to retire from acting. Before she can announce her plans to the public, multiple attempts are made on her life mirroring scenes from her action movies. Eve must put her trust and her life in the hands of the FBI. Agent Jake Dane swore off love after his engagement ended in tragedy. Assigned to Eve’s case, he expects to find a smartass actress with an attitude, but she's nothing like the press portrays her. Through all they endure to stay alive, she charms him and awakens his soul. Confident the assassin is someone close to Eve, the FBI convinces her to bait a trap. Will putting on the performance of her life be enough to save her? ANGEL EYES ~ Book 3 After a near fatal wound, undercover FBI agent Roy Hansen trades in his gun and badge to be part-owner of a nightclub in Texas. His first day in Houston, he’s blown away when he’s reunited with a woman he met twenty years earlier. Since her husband’s death, accountant Summer Snow has focused on her career and children. She refuses to open her heart to any man in fear of loving and losing. Meeting Roy again, he ignites feelings in her she hasn’t felt in a long time – some she’s never felt before. Roy chips away at Summer’s resolve, desperate to learn what they can share together. When his undercover past roars back into his life, he vows not to let it tear them apart. But first, he’s got to stay alive. LYING EYES ~ Book 5 After learning perps from his previous cases are being killed and his estranged father has been arrested for murder, Agent Manny Ramirez doesn’t think his life can get more complicated. Then he comes face to face with his father’s attorney – Harley Raymore. The last ten years he’s not forgotten her and the love they shared. Or forgiven himself for the way he betrayed her. Harley is shocked to see Manny again and even more surprised by the undeniable pull she feels toward him. She insists she has no room in her life for Manny, until she realizes he’s the only person who can clear his father. When disaster strikes, they’ll learn if the love they both remember and cherish is strong enough to survive and see them through the toughest trial of their lives. EYES OF A STRANGER ~ Book 5 FBI Agent Catherine Sikes witnessed the wrong murder and has been in hiding for two years. Out of options, she calls a former agent for help. He secretly sets her up in his son’s penthouse until she figures out her next move. Photojournalist Parker Snow-Hansen is still distraught over his wife’s death. When he arrives home early from a gig, he’s surprised, frustrated, and a bit intrigued by Cat. He hesitantly agrees to let her stay. Cat pulls Parker from his grief and teaches him to appreciate life again, while he helps her dream of a life away from the dangerous one she’s been living. Neither is looking for love, yet they’re undeniably drawn to each other. But when the reason Cat’s at his apartment is exposed, the truth may shatter them both.

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