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The Prodigal Spy - Joseph Kanon

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The Prodigal Spy

Joseph Kanon

Género: Misterio y suspense

Price: 0,99 €

Fecha de publicación: 23/09/2015

Editorial: Little, Brown Book Group

Vendedor: Hachette UK

It is 1950 and communists are being hunted across America. When Walter Kotlar is accused of being a spy by the House Un-American Activities Committee, his young son Nick destroys a piece of evidence only he knows about. But before the hearing can conclude, Walter flees the country, leaving behind his family… and a key witness lying dead, apparently having committed suicide. Nineteen years later, Nick gets a second chance to discover the truth when a beautiful journalist brings a message from his long-lost father, and Nick follows her into Soviet-occupied Prague for a painful reunion and the discovery of a secret that changes everything. To unravel the lies Nick must return to where it all began and expose the one person who knew the truth – and who watched his family's destruction. Trust no one in this compelling, surprising thriller from the author of Leaving Berlin and The Good German .

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