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Leave a Mark - Stephanie Fournet

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Leave a Mark

Stephanie Fournet

Género: Contemporánea

Price: 0,99 €

Fecha de publicación: 28/04/2016

Editorial: Blue Tulip Publishing

Vendedor: Smashwords

Dyed, pierced, and covered in tattoos, Wren Blanchard is the exact opposite of everything Dr. Lee Hawthorne thought he wanted. His residency is almost finished. With the perfect job, the beautiful house, and the polished girlfriend, he knows he should be happy, yet he isn't. But once Wren lands in his ER with her sharp tongue and artist’s soul, she leaves a mark on him that just won’t fade. Wren knows the good doctor is way out of her league. To people like him, she's a circus freak. Besides, she's not the type to get hung up on guys, especially ones with midnight blue eyes—ones who know all about antiques, crack bad jokes, and love Joss Whedon. No. She doesn't need that. After all, she has friends, a psychotic cat, and a promising career as one of the best tattoo artists in town. And it’s enough. Really, it is. Or it would be if Lee weren’t there every time she turned around. One kiss seals their fate. Their attraction is undeniable–but Wren’s past is full of ghosts. Is their bond strong enough for a solid future? Or will their new relationship crumble beneath the weight of all she carries?

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